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Al futowa VS Al Wathbah, Al Wathbah will get the result

Thảo luận trong 'Sách - Báo - Tạp Chí' bắt đầu bởi kimtan2021, 28/5/20.

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    Al futowa VS Al Wathbah, Al Wathbah will get the result
    Match analysis:

    Syrian League soccer tips today round 17, Al futowa will face Al Wathbah at home. Al futowa is a promoted team, Al Wathbah is in 2nd place of league table. In fact, Al futowa was one of tope league, but they were relegated to D2 in 2016-2017 season, have been playing in primary league for 2 years. They return to Syrian League in the season. However, Al futowa is still a weak team. They are the forth to last of league table, only 6 points over relegation zone, will be stressful to degrade team. Moreover, the team only kept win rate as 30% after 3 rounds.

    Al Wathbah used to rank the middle and lower place of league table in past, but they promoted themselves a lot in recent 2 years. In last season, they were top 5 on scoreboard. And in this season, they are in 2nd place of league table, only 6 points behind top 1. If they try harder, they will have chance to fight for champion. Al Wathbah is in high morale recently, beat Al Ittihad (SYR) and Jableh SC as well as Al-Karamah, got 3 wins streaking.


    Handicap Odds Analysis:

    Al Wathbah takes best free soccer tips advantage of past battles. They kept unbeaten records in past few seasons. Besides, the team beat Al futowa by 2-0 in first leg of the season, showing powerful strength, which results in psychological advantage. Now the bookies show up support to guests. Generally, Al Wathbah will get the result in this meeting.

    Al futowa VS Al Wathbah

    Pick: Al Wathbah to win
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